A serious injury has been reported due to a dangerous condition in the center of the westbound bicycle lane on Colorado Boulevard, between Vincent Avenue and Mount Royal Drive, in Eagle Rock. The condition is a deviation in the center of the lane that runs for several yards parallel to and directly between the lines that delineate the bicycle lane. It consists of an undulating ledge that has formed where the asphalt of the roadway dips into a shallow trench where it meets the concrete that forms the gutter and sidewalk. Cracks also exist between traffic side lane line of the bicycle path and the number two vehicular lane (and bus lane). There is also a bus stop just west of and adjacent to the hazard, which makes navigating this section of roadway even more treacherous. Cyclists riding along this section of lane should use extreme caution and be especially mindful, as following the arrow at Vincent Drive that directs them into the bicycle lane on Colorado forces them into having to choose between avoiding a series of cracks on the left side, the ledge on the right, and possibly a bus that may be merging across their path.

Attorney Josh Cohen is handling the claim of the injured party against the City, and has spoken to several owners of businesses that are adjacent to this intersection. They told Josh that for several years now they have seen cyclists getting thrown from their bicycles at exactly the location at issue. Many of those cyclists relied on paramedics to take them to hospitals. Many others came into the businesses, seeking to use the telephone to call someone who could take them to the hospital. Reports of these crashes predate the City’s recent striping of this bicycle lane.

Josh is looking for witnesses who have firsthand knowledge or experience of this condition. If you experienced this dangerous condition or know someone who has, please contact Josh by phone at (323) 937-7105, or email him at josh@paulfcohenlaw.com.